Pooch Application

Pooch software provides the easiest way to assemble and operate a high-performance parallel computer.

We encourage you to follow the Mac Cluster Recipe and see for yourself.
"Keeping America Strong" Award


    What is Pooch? - introduce yourself to Pooch and parallel computing
    What's New - find out what's new about Pooch - New Version 1.6 for "Tiger", Grid, and Web
    The Mac Cluster Recipe - follow these simple instructions to build your personal computing cluster!
    Pooch for Download - download Pooch and see it for yourself
    Video - view a video demonstration of Pooch and Mac clusters
    Pooch Software Development Kit - start here to build and write your own parallel code (includes sample MPI code)
    Pooch Users - find out who else is using Pooch
    FAQ - frequently asked questions regarding Pooch
    Apple Invites Demo of Pooch at WWDC 2005
    Getting Started: What kind of user are you?